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If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list for a puppy, please send an e mail with your contact information and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

Alternatively, feel free to call us on the number listed above.


No puppy can be held without a deposit.


We take credit cards with a small interest fee of 3%. This is a fee that is incurred to us via the credit card company and not a convenience fee that we benefit from.


Our prices are based upon years of experience raising and breeding this beautiful breed, our excellent health guarantee, countless hours in keeping our danes in nothing less than excellent condition, and the care and attention we put into our puppies to ensure proper socialisation and health. Please consider all these aspects when searching for your new family member.

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About Us

What sets us apart from most breeders?

Before committing to buying a puppy, make sure you do your research and DO NOT buy a puppy based upon price only!

Things you should look for include:


- Does the breeder offer a contract?

We try to be as responsible as possible and do everything within our power to ensure that our dogs do not end up abandoned on the street or in a dog shelter. Each of our pups go home to the new family with a basic contract. This contract protects both the buyer and breeder and outlines how the pup is to be cared for, agreements between the buyer and breeder for re homing the pup if necessary, and the breeders commitment to the buyer to stand by the quality and health of the pup. If a breeder does not offer a contract, perhaps you should question why...


- Does the puppy come with a health guarantee?

We offer a two year health guarantee on all of our pups. This means that should your pup show any signs of any genetic disease or diformity, we will repalce the pup as long as your vet can communicate with our vet and produce supporting documents to prove the results of said disease or diformity. We have been producing high quality Danes for many years and have yet to had an issue with any genetic issues. If the breeder you contact is not willing to offer you a health guarantee, you should be cautioned as to the breeders confidence in their own dogs health.


- Can the breeder provide proof of all the correct shots and worming given?

All our pups go home with a shot record showing their first puppy shots and their de worming. I have lost count of how many of our customers have claimed that pups they have purchsed from other breeders did not come with shot records and many of which have been found infested with worms or have contracted parvo! Parvo is very common and will more than likely kill your puppy! Demand proof of shots!


- Are the pups raised in home or are they outside or in an exterior building?

Our females whelp in the house and the pups are raised in the home until they are around 5 weeks of age, This is when they are introduced to solid foods! At this point, they have a puppy yard to play in during the day with shelter, and are transitioned to a whelping room with A/C and heating in the evenings. This whelping room is a part of our kennels and is kept very clean and seperate from all our other dogs. Many people who breed large dogs do not like the inconvenience of large litters being in the home and will house them in a shed, a garage, a barn or maybe just a dog house. Unless monitored throughout the night, many pups die from being laid or stepped on by the mother. Out door whelping areas can also be unsanitary and exposed to the elements. Ask the breeder where the pups are raised!


- Has the breeder bred responsibily and can show you pictures of both parents and/or     allow you to visit their Dane parents?

Temperament of parents is passed down to their offspring. If you are unable to visit the pups due to location, ask the breeder about the parents and request pictures of them. When looking at the parents, do they have physical attributes that you would like to see in a pup of your own? Has the breeder done their research to ensure compatibility of the sire and dam... color, size, genetics etc? Has this pair produced previous pups and if so, can they show you pictures of them? We breed only excellent quality Danes all of which come from a long line of show dogs and dogs bred by very reputable breeders from all over the world. We encourage our customers to come visit with us and our Danes! We welcome prospective families to see our kennels! Our Danes are all well socialised and love to visit with new people. If a breeder is reluctant to allow you to visit with their dogs, you should consider the possibilty that there may be a good reason! Not everybody has a large kennel or facility, and this doesnt mean they are not good breeders. Look for clenliness and the willingness to open their facility or home to prospective families.


- Is the breeder willing to offer you references from previous buyers or their vet?

We have been blessed to accumulate a large family of Dane owners spreading from Europe and throughout the United States. We receive updated pictures from our past pups on a regular basis and have completed many families with beautiful, long living Danes! We keep an excellent relationship with our vet and are willing at any time to offer you references! If a breeder is unwilling to offer you the details of their vet, this may be a sign that they do not seek th ecorrect medical attention and needs of their dogs and pups!


 - Do they treat their dogs purely like breeding stock and have a policy to re home their dogs once they can no longer breed?

It is very hard for me to discuss my Danes as being part of a business, but the fact of the matter is... they are! It's difficult beacuse they are such a part of my family and I. I simply can't imagine being without them! They are treated no differently as if they were simply pets, receiving the attention, medical care, socialisation and the love and effection that they deserve and require! Some breeders have a standing policy that all females are subject to re-home or sale once they are no longer able to breed! YES... IT'S TRUE! I shall never sell a dog, nore condone another person buying a puppy from such a breeder! I do not care to listen to the excuses or business reasons that apparently make this acceptable! Please consider how the reasons that a breeder produces puppies. We breed only to imporve the breed and keep excellent lines going. There are quite literally thousands of sub standard pups on the market with less than desirable traits that should NOT be able to thin the breed and flood the market with dogs that often end up abandoned or accidently bred.

- Have the pups been socialised prior to coming home with you to ensure the puppy's temperament is not one of nervousness and showing anxiety when seperated from the litter?

 All our pupies are raised in the home and are exposed to different animals such as cats and other dogs. We arrange play dates with our pups and children as often as we can, not to mention that our children are intimately involved in the raising and feeding of our pups. Our pups go home to their new families with a balance temperament having been exposed to as many people of all ages and types as possible.



- Are the pups registered and come with all the apropriate paperwork for you to register your puppy?

The AKC require a great deal of paperwork to be kept and they can request to view any and all documents for any litter at any time. A lack in organisation or innability to show correct documentation can result in revoking AKC status of any dog at any time. We provide all families with the correct paperwork such as registration papers and shot records. This process is not cheap, but necessary to maintain a professionally run kennel. ALWAY REQUEST THE PAPERS YOU DESERVE TO ENSURE THAT YOUR PUP COMES FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER!



- Is the breeder willing to offer lifetime support so that you can contact them any time you need advise or help?

Our job doesn't end once the pup leaves our home. We stay in touch and have made many friends with people who purchased pups of our many years ago. We offer advice and suggestions for any and all families with questions or concerns for the whole duration of the pups life.


- Will the breeder help you if the unfortunate circumstance should arise that you need to re home your puppy?