Zoe and Buddy

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Genna and a mantle pup

If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list for a puppy, please send an e mail with your contact information and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

Alternatively, feel free to call us on the number listed above.


No puppy can be held without a deposit.


We take credit cards with a small interest fee of 3%. This is a fee that is incurred to us via the credit card company and not a convenience fee that we benefit from.


Our prices are based upon years of experience raising and breeding this beautiful breed, our excellent health guarantee, countless hours in keeping our danes in nothing less than excellent condition, and the care and attention we put into our puppies to ensure proper socialisation and health. Please consider all these aspects when searching for your new family member.

China Doll
Apollo Simon
Genna and her pup Dozer
Buddy Bruce

Our Girls

Excalibur's Little Lottie

Lottie is our beautiful Half European heavily marked harl. She has a lot of lip and a very nice boxy head and ear set. She has a classic European stocky chest and hips. Lottie carries a beautiful European look at the same time as being very athletic. She has a very sweet and playful temperament and is a wonderful mother. Her previous pups turned out beautiful and big! Lottie is out of Sparky from Excalibur Great Danes in Kentucky (He can be seen on our studs page as he is also the father of Leo). She definitely passes her Daddy's size down to her babies (Lottie is well socialised and is fantastic with children. She produces a lot of nice colored pups as can be seen on our gallery page.

Excalibur's Liberty Bell

Libby is our part European female lightly marke harl, out of Polar Bear from Excalibur Great Danes (Seen below). She is very stocky and wide with amazing muscle structure. She has a nice lot of lip and has one blue eye and one brown. Her litter was the product of a lightly marked half european harl male and a fully European female mantle. None of her litter carried the deaf or blind genes and she will be mated with our mantle male 'Leo'. We anticipate that breeding her with Leo will produce some large pups with a good European look. Her temperament is very sweet and gentle. Were very excited for her first litter which we intend to have in the summer of 2013.

The father of our 2 beautiful lightly marked harlequins - Lady and Libby- Polar Bear is now sadly passed away.

Davis' Baby Girl

'Davis's Baby Girl' was the last puppy out of our shining star 'Excalibur's Lady Gennevieve' (Genna) and 'Bright Angels' Rommels' Buddy Bruce (Buddy).  Baby is pictured here at the top left at just 9 months old. She is the biggest female we have ever had! At just 9 months old, she has surpassed all of our other females in weight and height. She has stunning markings and the temperament to go with it. She has inherited Genna's huge hips and wide chest with the addition of very long legs. She has a perfectly shaped head and has one bright blue eye and one hazel eye. She really is a gentle giant in every sense and her puppies will be a very exciting litter! We are truly blessed to have been given "Baby' before losing Buddy and Genna. She won't be ready for breeding until January of 2014 when she turns 2 years old.


Sadly, we lost Baby to a horrible incident in 2014. She was the most precious of babies and I cannot express my sadness. She will always be my baby girl..

Excaliburs' Lady Ga Ga

Loving her whelping box
Lady in whelping box

Davis' Lil Ray of Sunshine - Zoe

Zoe 2014 20 months old
Zoe 2015 2.5 years old
Our latest addition out of Lottie and Appolo - pictured here at 3 months
Zoe and Buddy